A1 a [eı] n plural A's a's
1.) [U and C]
the first letter of the English alphabet
2.) [U and C]
the sixth note in the musical ↑scale of C ↑major or the musical ↑key based on this note
the highest mark that a student can get in an examination or for a piece of work
I got an A in French.
Julia got straight As (=all A's) in high school.
4.) an A student
AmE someone who regularly gets the best marks possible for their work in school or college
5.) [U]
used to refer in a short way to one of two different things or people. You can call the second one B
A demands £500, B offers £100.
plan A atplan1 (5)
6.) from A to B
from one place to another
get/go from A to B
Hiring a car was the best way to get from A to B.
7.) from A to Z
describing, including, or knowing everything about a subject
the history of 20th century art from A to Z
8.) A34, A40 etc
the name of a road in Britain that is smaller than a ↑motorway, but larger than a ↑B-road
9.) [U]
a common type of blood
→↑A level
A 2
the written abbreviation of amp or amps

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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